About the Publisher

The Publishing House Construction Engineering Experts Centre exists since 2014. We operate dynamically.

We publish:

  • technical books,
  • scientific and technical journals; topics presented in are related not only to technology, chemistry, physics, electronics, biology and agriculture but also to any other field of knowledge that affects the safety of anthropogenic objects.

Our team consists of outstanding experts, theoreticians and practitioners who specialize in various fields of science.

We are involved in various projects and events.

The forthcoming events we have given Media Patronage are:

  • Warsaw Technology Days,
  • Mazovian Technical Days,
  • International Scientific and Technical Conference "Problems in Anthropogenic Facility Safety Engineering"
  • International Scientific and Technical Conference "EKOMILITARIS"
  • Scientific symposium New Directions in Construction - Theory and Practice,
  • Pioneer of Technology Project,

We are also open to any suggestions for cooperation that may result in scientific development.