Comparative analysis of a cooling systems working on an environmentally friendly refrigerants


refrigeration systems
cascade cooling equipment
economic analysis


The paper treats with refrigerants which affect on excessive heating of atmosphere. They are in group offluorinated greenhouse gases which are regulated by European and polish law. The main aim is to lower their amount in industry leading to overall removal from use. We present possible way to design refrigeration system lowering their adverse effect on natural environment. So three options of cooling systems are analyzed: one-stage refrigeration system working with R449A, cascade refrigeration system with R744 (carbon dioxide)/ R134a and R717 (ammonia) refrigeration plant. Due to the nowadays raising use of the cascade systems, an analysis of the operating parameters of such installation was carried out with considering the cascade heat exchanger as a condenser/evaporator. The installations concerned are three alternative offers for meat processing manufactory. A thermal balance was prepared for chambers located in building and the operating parameters of the installation were assumed. The equipment corresponding to the required cooling capacities were selected.
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