Design of joints of thin sheet parts with mechanical connections (according to EN 1993-1-3)


mechanical connections
bolted connections
screw connections
steel constructions
steel profiles


The main direction of development of steel building structures is to reduce the cost of implementation of buildings without changing their load-bearing capacity and value in use. Therefore, an essential factor in the development is the introduction of modern technologies. Solutions from other industries such as automotive or aerospace, have been adapted to perform building structures. As a result, today in the construction industry we use lightweight steel profiles from cold-bent elements. Modern technology and advanced calculation theory make it possible to build these structures much more economically than previous conventional systems. Elements and products made of thin sheets allow to reduce costs of construction, but at the same time is associated with the possibility of defects resulting in the appearance of a state of failure of structural elements or the entire facility. Connection zones of thin-walled elements are always the critical points, hence the need for a particularly thorough assessment at the design stage, and then at the implementation of the investment. Correct application of the presented calculation procedure in article will allow the design and realization of modern structures, which will be durable and safe in operation for the expected period of time.
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